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Sozopol is situated on Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is divided into Old and New town and betwen them is the Sea Garden.

The Old town is situated on the small peninsula Skamniy, jutting out between the Bay of Sozopol and the Korenyata Bay. Skamniy is connected by artificial embankment and breakwater with an island Saint Kirik, positioned 250 meters northwest from Sozopol with an area of 80 decares. North part of the peninsula ends with cape Skamni and the south - with cape Harmanite. Along the bay Korenyata to penisula Budzhaka is situated the new part of the town - district of Harmanite. Peninsula Budzhaka and the bay Kavatsi are marked the southern border of Sozopol.

In the water area of Sozopol's Bay are the island Saint Ivan and positioned by it small island Saint Peter.

 Transport connections to Sozopol:

- 40 km. - Bourgas Airport /the neares airport/

- 165 km. - Varna Airport

- 410 km. - Sofia Airport

- 45 km. - Highway Trakia /Bourgas exit/

- Bus routes from and to Sofia, Bourgas, North and South Black Sea coast to Bus Station of Sozopol /located between the Old and New town/

- Port Sozopol - serves entertainment and tourist trips, freight and passenger transport